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Urban field farm stop

Los Angeles, California

The Urban Field Farm Stop was BCV’s award-winning competition entry for “Redesign Your Farmer’s Market,” sponsored by GOOD. BCV contemplated an innovative distribution system for fresh farm product in urban centers. This new concept envisions the entire city map as an Urban Field of farmers markets integrated directly with the mass transit circulation system of the city.

Select bus stops transform into individual Farm Stops to provide farm fresh product to commuters, residents and local trade outlets. The Urban Field of Farm Stops therefore establishes a citywide network of alternate sales points for farmers and a convenient, greener alternative to the single venue farmers market for consumers.

The Farm Stop is a simple modern shelter utilizing sustainable materials. A stainless steel structural frame supports the louvered terra cotta rain screen cladding, and energy-generating photovoltaic cells line the top of the shelter's glass canopy, shading users by day and powering high efficiency LED lighting by night.

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