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Napa Valley, California

BCV’s conceptual approach to a new winery sheltered in the hills of Napa Valley is envisioned as an architectural expression of the life cycle of wine, from the earth to the glass. The winery masterplan employs two distinct but complementary strategies to respect its stunning site – architecture that both embeds deeply within the land and rests lightly upon it.

The concept builds the architectural parti and program on this juxtaposition, with a production winery that burrows into and under the hillside, and a hospitality center that is perched on and rises above the land. Completing the masterplan is the dramatic “bridge“ between production and hospitality uses. The bridge affords the visitor an exquisite, lush and expansive promenade perched dramatically overlooking surrounding valleys.

The guest experience begins as visitors enter across a landscaped path through the vineyard and into a central cave network. Here, an elliptical foyer cave is conceived as a venue for a concierge greeting which might begin the hospitality experience. The visitor is then led through an elegant vaulted passageway before entering into the sun-drenched grand stair and elevator core. This core lifts guests up past the bottling/production level, into the hub of the hospitality center.

Visitors emerge on axis with the formal gardens and are greeted in a reception space with filtered views of vineyards to the North and South, and glimpses through to the central hospitality lounge beyond. Perched upon the bridge, this two-story glass-enclosed lounge offers visitors a seamless indoor/outdoor wine country experience and sweeping views. On the far side of the grand stair tucked into the northeast hillside, a terraced event/theater space offers a generous setting for brand presentations, lectures, performances or industry events. From the hospitality lounge, the visitor’s journey continues onto the landscaped terrace, with shaded lounge seating available for open air tastings.


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