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Hillsborough Residence

Hillsborough, California

The Hillsborough Residence comprises three separate structures: the main house, the pool house, and the recreation building. The placement of the buildings creates various outdoor rooms that embrace and maintain a strong visual connection to the environment around it. The composition of separate structures unified around a yard and pool creates an intimate, connected residential setting.

A network of paths connects all areas of the site. The house entry leads a visitor not only into the house but also directly through and into the courtyard’s great lawn, past the redwoods, and through the property. This journey effectively takes in all the site’s natural features.

The architecture of this project is the result of simple space making from a limited palette of quality, time-tested and timeless materials – wood, stone, concrete, steel, and glass. These natural materials’ consistent “language” helps keep the project understated and grounded.

Located in the Crow’s Nest development of Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, this 5,600 SF, three-story ski-in/ski-out cabin enjoys 360° views and direct access to the ski lifts. A board-formed concrete podium anchors the cabin into the hillside, allowing the steel, glass, and wood structure to emerge above the snow line. A double-height living room sits at the center of the home, and features large south-facing windows, a grand stone fireplace, and log columns that reinforce this cabin’s place among a cathedral of trees. The year-round south-facing deck features a hot tub, fire pit, and outdoor dining table for slope-side family lunches.

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