San Francisco International Airport

Tomokazu's airy, light design aesthetic embodies the soul of detailed, traditional Japanese craftsmanship while embracing a clear sense of optimism. The juxtaposition of a warm, light wood seating area with the crisp white orderliness of the sushi making and order counter slot creates a dynamic, inviting atmosphere.

Inspired by the Japanese wood building tradition and use of wooden screens, a series of carefully spaced wood members flank the side walls and wrap the ceiling at the front of the space. These vertical slats are reprised on the arrival target wall behind the sushi chef. Behind the slats, the placement of an unexpected graphic lends artful, natural beauty to the arrival experience. This image is also a play on the quintessential Japanese cherry blossom branch, but here the buds are oversized and the signature pink color is darkened to a magenta. As patrons move throughout the space, the image shifts, bringing snippets of the budding branch through the slats at various vantage points.

Harkening to the tradition of Japanese lacquer – in particular the white lacquer of Johana – the more utilitarian portions of the design, such as the sushi making, points of sale and exposed cabinetry above the exposed custom refrigeration, are clad with white lacquer. This airy, sleek aesthetic is complimented by the pop of color and texture from the grab-n-go sushi, snacks and drinks. The signature over-sized graphic of a woman enjoying noodles wraps the short wall behind the points of sale, adding a hint of lightheartedness to the space. 



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