Belcampo is a vertically-integrated meat company that raises heritage breed poultry and livestock in northern California and sells through its restaurants and butcher shops throughout the state. In helping to launch the Belcampo brand through the design of its farm buildings and shops, BCV created environments that communicate the company’s mission to educate the consumer and provide the highest quality product. 


BCV transformed the existing cafe at the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum into the FoodShed, a creative environment to enjoy food while promoting the Museum's educational message. 


Oxbow Public Market opened in 2008 with the mission of showcasing local food and wine producers, and has since become a community hub for the region. In addition to the building's overall design, BCV worked with vendors like Hog Island Oyster Co. and Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen to develop stalls within the marketplace.


Our understanding of the power of place and the breadth and complexity of human experience informs all our designs, large and small. Through our food world work, we are honored to have developed lasting relationships with individuals and organizations who are leading the way toward a more equitable food system in our country. Our work has included projects for the Food Craft Institute, Slow Food, the annual Good Food Awards and the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA) in San Francisco, among others. 


A longtime Bay Area resident, restaurateur and tv personality Martin Yan has often spoken of having two homes - one deeply rooted in China and the other in San Francisco. In designing M.Y. China, Yan’s signature restaurant in downtown San Francisco, BCV took inspiration from Yan’s larger-than-life personality, his culinary experiences in the US and China, and a love of entertaining.