A longtime Bay Area resident, restaurateur and TV personality, Martin Yan has often spoken of having two homes - one deeply rooted in China and the other in San Francisco. In designing M.Y. China, Yan’s signature restaurant in downtown San Francisco, BCV took inspiration from the chef's larger-than-life personality, his culinary experiences in the US and China, and a love of entertaining.


BCV has designed signature restaurants for the Shangri-La hotel group in Bangkok and Shenzhen, creating vibrant dining and bar environments for hotel guests and neighborhood clientele. Located in the heart of Shenzhen's Futian business district, Angelini's private dining rooms form counterpoints to open bar and restaurant areas, while the bold, modern expression of the Bangkok location, overlooking the Chao Phraya River, plays on a contrast of light and dark, hard and soft, old and new. Learn more about the projects below.


BCV's first project with Sidecar Hospitality, the award-winning Press Club transformed an underused basement space beneath the Four Seasons in downtown San Francisco into a stunning urban enclave for experiencing the best of Napa's small production wineries. The palette of materials mixes warm, sustainably-sourced woods with exposed structural elements and concrete, referencing the partnership of organic and industrial that is a hallmark of wine country.


The 9,000 SF Crush 29 restaurant gets its inspiration from the Napa Valley, with rounded booths fashioned like wine barrels, rustic stone walls and floors, and wine caves that serve as private dining rooms. The centerpiece of the restaurant is a dramatic circular bar lit by a sculptural fixture fashioned from thousands of of mica disks, each unique in its color and translucence.


By breaking the mold in fast-casual dining, the award-winning Hudson Eats has played a major role in lower Manhattan’s rapidly growing food scene. A curated mix of creative food vendors and an elegant overarching design, with the Hudson River as its backdrop, distinguish the dining terrace as a unique culinary destination for the city.


The lobby at the Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco was designed to provide a unique urban experience for the rapidly growing Transbay neighborhood. BCV's design seamlessly integrates necessary lobby functions with an innovative food and beverage amenity and adjacent restaurant space. Designed to enhance the overall experience upon entering the Salesforce Tower, the hospitality portion of the project will stand on its own as a welcoming destination for office tenants and the surrounding community.