BCV is a leader in reinventing the airport experience through the design of acclaimed food and retail environments. Whether leveraging an existing brand or developing a new standalone concept, our projects serve as an extension of regional taste and character and become vibrant destinations for busy travelers. Click the links below or scroll down to learn more about our award-winning designs and what we're working on now.


Celebrating the Bay Area’s food culture with stations from Equator Coffee, Tyler Florence Fresh, Cow Girl Creamery Cheese, Acme Bread, Vino Volo and Kara’s Cupcakes, the award winning Napa Farms Market at SFO has become one of the premier airport food destinations in the world. 

Napa Farms’ contemporary aesthetic features juxtapositions of warm against cool, dark against light, rough against honed, solid against void. A cork ceiling, elm wood fixtures and shelving and concrete counter tops and floor provide a tactile, earthy feel to the interior, while blackened steel and brushed stainless details introduce an industrial edge. 


Recently opened at SFO, the second Napa Farms Market iteration brings the bounty of the Bay Area to international travelers. The original aspiration to celebrate “slow” high-quality food for busy travelers through the simple juxtaposition of complementary materials is reprised in this new design.


Mustards Grill has been a Napa Valley institution for decades, and BCV is currently bringing its classic bistro soul to a new audience at SFO, adjacent to Napa Farms Market. The project embraces Mustards' history and character while infusing the restaurant with thoughtful, refined detailing.


An SFO favorite that celebrates the Bay Area and its wine country roots, SF Uncork’d provides a warm, open enoteca atmosphere to welcome travelers from the bustle of the adjacent concourse.

A palette of contemporary materials and textures, such as warm oak used in the wine displays, entry portal and cantilevered bar counter, industrial blackened metal detailing and concrete counters and flooring reference classic industrial wine industry materials.


BCV is currently designing The Clubhouse, a new sports bar concept for San Francisco's beloved Giants baseball team. The Clubhouse will combine the spirit of an inclusive, welcoming fan base with an urban stadium experience, creating a lively and subtly sophisticated “stadium chic” environment.


Now serving travelers in SFO's International Terminal, Samovar features the heritage of tea drinking for today’s jet setter. The modern design aesthetic uses a refined, natural palette juxtaposed with moments of crafted, sheeny brass to create a serene oasis for travelers.


The airy, light aesthetic of Tomokazu embodies the soul of detailed, traditional Japanese craftsmanship while embracing a clear sense of optimism for the future. The juxtaposition of a warm, light wood seating area with the crisp white orderliness of the sushi prep and order counter creates a dynamic, inviting atmosphere.


The Collective retail marketplace brings Valencia Street shopping to SFO, featuring a selection of curated local goods within an eclectic space influenced by detailed craftsmanship and the artistic heritage of the Mission District. The museum-like character of The Collective is a fitting extension of the curated Terminal 3 walkway. 


BCV’s design for the cherished neighborhood watering hole Perry’s embraces the long heritage of the bistro typology as well as the personable character for which the restaurant is known. The new concept incorporates dark charcoal-painted wood walls, light oak tabletops, brass, blackened steel accents and a new take on classic white floor tile. Drawing patrons into the space, the expansive signature bar runs from wall to wall and floor to ceiling in the rear of the restaurant. 


A longtime Bay Area resident, restaurateur and tv personality Martin Yan has often spoken of having two homes - one deeply rooted in China and the other in San Francisco. In designing M.Y. China, Yan’s signature restaurant in downtown San Francisco, BCV took inspiration from Yan’s larger-than-life personality, his culinary experiences in the US and China, and a love of entertaining.